About Us
In the past several years the trucking industry has noticed a large percentage of new owner operators. R & K Financial is proud to be a part of that growth. We have positioned ourself as one of the very few companies that truly specializes in approving start up owner operators.
This program not only helps new owner operators, but helps dealers and transportation brokers as well.

R&K Financial Services, Inc.
Phone: (877) 420-0069
Fax: (954) 420-5955
R & K Financial Services is a secondary source of
Commercial Truck and Trailer Financing
Our specialty is
First-Time Owner-Operators and New Business

R&K Financial Services, Inc. has created an excellent dealer program for your turn down and start up owner operators. Every dealer has had its lenders turn down a deal due to low credit scores.

At R&K we wont let you lose a deal just because of a low credit score. We will spend the time to listen to your clients credit stories and reason for the lower score.

R&K we take the time to go through all aspects of the deal, such as experience, income, and the reason why your client may have had some credit problems.

So just fax a credit application along with a buyers order and specification sheet to R&K. You just might be surprised that we may take your turn downs and convert it to an approvals.

We offer:
* R&K quick funding *
* Dealer participation points *
* Non recourse contracts *

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